You may download AeroFoil Version 4.0 and evaluate it for fourteen days. The unregistered demonstration copy will perform all of the calculations of AeroFoil but the printing and file saving features are disabled. After fourteen days, the unregistered copy will automatically to AeroFoil Lite. All calculations options will be functional, but only on a limited number of airfoils.

A single user's license will be issued to AeroFoil in one of four catagories, with a cost ranging between $20 and $150.

Routine program upgrades will always be free.


Registered: $20

All of the calculations and displays will be available and the single-user license will not expire. It will not be possible to save or print any results. At any time, the REGISTERED user may upgrade to a higher level.

Limited technical support will be available via e-mail. In this case, limited technical support means that questions about program execution will be answered. Any questions concerning aeronautical terms or concepts will NOT be answered.


Limited: $75

All of the analysis features will be available and the single-user license will not expire. The creation of new airfoils using the multi-point inverse process is disabled. At any time, the LIMITED user may upgrade to full registration.

Technical support will be available via e-mail. In this case, technical questions related to the analysis portion of the program, including aeronautical terms and concepts will be answered.


Student: $20

The student version of AeroFoil is available only to a user who registers via e-mail from a valid educational mail address. The single-user license will expire after one year. Until that time, all of the features are available. At any time, the STUDENT user may upgrade to full registration.

Unlimited technical support will be available via e-mail.


Full Registration: $150

All features and options of AeroFoil are available and the single-user license will not expire.

Unlimited technical support will be available via e-mail. This technical support will include questions related to aeronautical terms and concepts, creation of new airfoils using the inverse model, and will include references (if available).


You will receive a link to my PalPal account after you submit the registration information.

Your e-mail address will NEVER be given to a third party.

This download site does not install cookies, track the process in any way other than maintain a download count, and will NEVER automatically install any component or software on your computer.

Educational sites will receive a significant discount on multiple copies of AeroFoil. Please contact me at for details.

I will always try to incorporate your needs into this program. If AeroFoil does not provide some piece of information that you would like then just let me know. If you discover an error in AeroFoil that I can duplicated you will receive a complimentary upgrade to the next registration level.


AeroFoil Version 4.0



Please read the Single User's License agreement. A copy is included in the download package.



Download the file AeroFoil4.0.exe and execute it. It is a self-extracting file that will install AeroFoil.

The program installation will also create a folder C:\AeroFoilData which contains your license information as well as the subdirectories Help, Design, and Results. Design and Results are the default optional directories for saving inverse design parameters and results. Design has several representative cases which may be used as a starting point for the creation of other airfoils.



If you decide to register your copy of AeroFoil, select the registration option that you want and a serial number is automatically generated. You send this serial number to .



When payment for your single-user license is completed, you will receive a registration code that is unique to your computer and AeroFoil serial number. This part of the process is not fully automated yet. Average turn-around time will be 12 hours.



The registration process is complete when you enter the correct registration code. Additional details of the registration process are available in the AeroFoil Help File.

Download AeroFoil 4.0
a 4.8 M self-extracting file
a 611K self-extracting zip file of over 1200 airfoils

For questions or comments, contact me at
Please include the word "AeroFoil" in the subject line.