The KR100

This is the prototype of the new Rand Robinson KR100 as it appeared in early June - with only a little more sanding and a coat of primer to go before being painted. The KR1OO is a single seat, fixed gear sportplane powered by a Continental O-200. Its tapered wing has a span of 19 ft., the fuselage's length is 15.5 ft. and the empty weight is expected to be very close to 550 pounds. Projected speeds are: stall (with flaps) - 52 mph; cruise - 210 mph; max - 240, plus or minus the usual variations due to prop efficiency, skin smoothness, etc. The KR100 prototype was built using the familiar KR wood/foam/glass method, but the kit version will be mostly molded sandwich construction. The KR100 is not a direct development of the KR-1 or KR-2. It is a completely new design by Kevin Kelly of the Rand Robinson staff ... but the KR concepts of economy and high performance are retained. In early June, the plan was to display the KR100 at Oshkosh '87.