A New KR Coming

Jeannette Rand has informed SPORT AVIATION of a new design soon to emerge from Rand/Robinson Engineering. Single place and powered by a Continental 0-200, it will be a roomy, economical, long distance cruiser. The prototype will be a fixed gear taildragger, but other gear configurations will ultimately follow. Construction will be the same wood/foam/glass method developed in the early 1970s by Ken Rand and Stuart Robinson, but a lot of pre-molded parts and components will be made available. There will be some parts interchangability with the still very popular KR-2.

Jeannette also reports that an effort is currently under way to create a firewall forward Limbach engine package for the KR-2. She still recommends the Great Plains VW conversion, particularly for those who want to build up their own engine at the Great Plains' factory.

After absorbing material price increases for a number of years, Jeannette has announced a modest price increase in kits, plans and materials, effective following this month's Sun 'n Fun fly-in. The old prices will prevail through the Florida event. 12 years after its introduction by Ken Rand, the KR-2 is still one of the most popular homebuilt designs. Over 7,000 sets of plans have been sold. For further information on the price increase, call Rand/Robinson Engineering at 714/898-3811.