Continuing his "have KR-2, will travel (almost anywhere)" policy, Ken Rand recently made a cross country flight that was particularly notable in that it was done as a routine flight -- with no special preparations or any attempt at records, etc. Having decided to attend Chapter 455's fly-in at Enid, OK on the weekend of May 2021, Ken took off from Big Bear Airport (northeast of Los Angeles) and flew non-stop to Enid, a distance of 1300 miles. Block to block time was 61/2 hours, for a speed of 200 mph right on the nose. The speed would have been somewhat higher except for some dodging around thunderstorms over the Texas panhandle. A cruising altitude of 15,500 ft. was maintained throughout the 6 1/2 hours except for the thunderstorm area when Ken got as low as 3,000 ft. -- and 130 mph. The KR-2 lifted off at Big Bear with 38 gallons on board and had 7.5 gallons remaining upon landing at Enid. One quart of oil was consumed.

Ken was, of course, on oxygen during the majority of the flight.

The trip home was against headwinds and had to be flown at lower altitude. A stop was made at Santa Fe after 3 1/2 hours in the air and 41h hours later Ken was landing at Meadowlark Airport in Los Angeles... still an average of just over 162 mph.

Ken hits 'em all, big or small. If your fly-in is in the calendar of events, don't be surprised to see N4KR entering your pattern.