Multiple Airfoils

Up to three airfoils may be analyzed at one time. The addition or deletion of an airfoil is controlled in the "Tools" drop-down menu.

To add or delete an airfoil, select "Tools / Multiple Airfoils". If adding airfoil for the first time, click the next available number. The main display will clear and the applicable radio button will become enabled. Select the desired airfoil and continue with the analysis.

The selected airfoil may be replaced or modified without affected the remaining airfoils. The options of Reynolds Number, Constant Lift, Compressibility, and Surface Conditions will be applied to all available airfoils.

Display of the selected airfoil is by either the drop-down menu or the radio buttons. The main display screen, the graphical representation of Velocity vs Surface Location, and the Tabulated Date will show the information for the selected airfoil. Graphical displays of Drag Polar and Lift, Drag, and Pitch vs Angle of Attack will include the data from all airfoils.