Importing x, y, and z data

This input option is generally NOT required but is included as a special case.

A drawing or solid model software package may have the capability to save airfoil coordinate data in an x, y, z coordinate system.

After selection of a file, AeroFoil will scale the data to a maximum x/c of 1.0 and rotate it into the x/y plane. The data must begin at the airfoil trailing edge, continue along the surface, and terminate at the trailing edge. It may have a maximum of 250 coordinate points. The file may not contain any non-numeric values.

After the data file has been read it will be shown graphically on the main display and the coordinate points will be shown in the tabular grid. The data is displayed in a grid table with limited editing capability. Use the mouse and/or arrow keys to navigate in the table. The selected coordinate pair will be denoted on the airfoil by a red circle. It is NOT possible to create a data file using this table.