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The link below will download ONLY the executable file AeroFoil.exe Version 2.2 and its associated Help files. If you have a properly registered copy of AeroFoil, your current registration information will not be affected. There is no additional registration requirement or fee for this upgrade.

This upgrade will not affect any of the other files associated with AeroFoil; airfoil coordinate files, airfoil designs, and results will remain unchanged.

There will be no change in the expiration date of AeroFoil if your copy is time-limited. This is the case either because it is an unregistered demonstration copy or you have a Student License.

Download the file AeroFoilVersion2.2Upgrade.exe and execute it. It is a self-extracting zip file that will install AeroFoil Version 2.2 and its Help files. The installation folder MUST be identical to the one used for your original installation. The default installation folder is C:\Program Files\AeroFoil but you may have changed it during the initial installation.

Do not select this option if you have not already installed AeroFoil; it will not function without the support files that are a part of the full installation package.

AeroFoil 2.2 Upgrade
a 1.5 M self-extractrating zip file

For questions or comments, contact me at donreid@AeroFoilEngineering.com
Please include the word "AeroFoil" in the subject line.

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