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Please read the Single User's License agreement. A copy is included in the download package.


Download the file AeroFoilVersion2.2.exe and execute it. It is a self-extracting zip file that will install AeroFoil. The default installation folder is C:\Program Files\AeroFoil but it can be changed at your option.

The program installation will include the subdirectories Help, Design, NACAProfiles, and Results. NACAProfiles is required and contains data for the NACA 6 series airfoils. Design and Results are the default optional directories for saving inverse design parameters and results. Design has several representative cases which may be used as a starting point for the creation of other airfoils.


If you decide to register your copy of AeroFoil, select the registration option that you want and a serial number is automatically generated. You send this serial number to Register@AeroFoilEngineering.com.


You will receive payment instructions in the form of an automated e-mail response which has a link for a PayPal account.


When payment for your single-user license is completed, you will receive a registration code that is unique to your computer and AeroFoil serial number. This part of the process is not fully automated yet. Average turn-around time will be 12 hours.


The registration process is complete when you enter the correct registration code. Additional details of the registration process are available in the AeroFoil Help File.

Download AeroFoil 2.2
a 4.6 M self-extracting zip file